How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water


When you touch water, this spell will change you! You can do the spell at a beach or a lake or a pond or even your pool! However, you must be lonely where nobody is watching you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Source of water such as pool, pond, lake or beach Yourself Belief Anything from the sea That’s a symbol of mermaids

Casting Directions for ‘How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water’

First head out to the water supply and sit right in front of it with your legs straight out in front of you.

Meditate and consider mermaids. If you put your mind on something else for just one minute or even less than a second, the spell won’t work and it’ll cancel itself and then you would need to start over.

Meditate for around 5 minuets with your eyes closed.

Then when meditation is completed, keep your eyes closed and slowly put yourself in the water source and imagine yourself feeling the heat of the water warming up you. When you are fully in with no head in the water, open your eyes and grab the mermaid symbol.

If you are at the beach, use it to scoop sand that was in the sea.

If you’re at a lake or pond, use it to scoop the water and a few lake sand or dirt.

If you’re at a pool, just scoop the water.

While looking at the contents on your emblem, say this spelL

“Gods and goddesses of the sea,
Listen now and hear my plea
My wish is to be a mermaid
Like all other mermaids listening also
My tail will be [colour of tail ex: my tail will be the colour of that is white like the fluffy clouds in the sky] and my abilities will be [powers my powers will be water] If you think that’s enough,
Trust me to your waters.
This is my will that is largest
So mote it be.”

After that, take the water and pour it on your head.

Soak yourself in the water for around 10 minutes and then you need to feel a tingling sensation all over your legs. If you feel you or it may cancel the spell, do not move. When the tingling is completed look down at your legs

When it worked, congrats! And you dry yourself to realize that you could return to human form and should get out of the water. If your dry and you aren’t turning back, the mermaid gods and goddesses trusted you to be with them forever.

If it did not work, return to the end of the spell, then scoop up another spoonful of water and say a prayer and have your palms cupped with the symbol inside and state for as long as you want, for it will strengthen your chances of the spell being shown as successful.
If it still didn’t work, try another spell for as this one is not intended for you and another one is.

If you keep out of water with your tail on for more than 1 minuet then you will begin to have breathi issues and you would need to get yourself back into the water as soon as possible or you could die!

Side effects:
Tingling sensation

And that’s wraps up this spell

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Good luck and be blessed!

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19 thoughts on “How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water”

  1. 1.If I go to a Koi Pond and do this spell, will I become a Koi mermaid because of the koi in the pond?
    2. Can a mermaid friend who did this spell see you when you do this, because they will keep yours and there secret.

  2. well I just wanted to say I want to be a mermaid but not forever cause I would want to turn back to my normal self but if this works I’ll thank u and all the gods and the goddesses also the mermaids that would listen to me

  3. Is this actually true? or is it a joke. I want to hear from someone if they actually did it and it worked. So um let me know. Thanks

  4. is it when you touch the lake , pool pond , and the sea water and you say the spell
    and than when you go there angin and you put your body in would you turn back into
    a mermaid agin

  5. Noor: I believe the mermaid symbol is a bone comb. However, in this spell I think it’s just anything from the ocean or a water source, like for example a pebble from a pond. Maybe even a fossil?
    Good luck!


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