Magical Mermaid Spell By MysteryMaids


This is a spell which shall be able to make you into a mermaid! If it does not work instantly, that is okay! The spell takes time! However you’ll get your tail soon enough!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Ingredient #1: A charm (as an instance, a special keepsake or family treasure, like a necklace or bracelet, but it has to have a unique meaning or connection to you) Ingredient #2: A bowl of water (it doesn’t matter what size or texture, it simply needs to be a bowl of water) Ingredient #3: Two little pieces of paper (Notebook, Copy Paper, or Parchment Paper is recommended) Ingredient #4: Two Sea Shells (doesn’t matter what size or kind, they just need to be real) Ingredient #5: Salt (Sea salt works best, but if you do not have sea salt, absolutely fine! Any type of salt will do) Ingredient #6: A bath tub/shower Optional Indredients: A Towel (to wash off with) Moon Phase Chart (recommended)

Casting Instructions for ‘Magical Mermaid Spell #1 From MysteryMaids’

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid when you were little? Still do? Well then you are in luck my friend! This is my first mermaid spell I’ll be posting on this website, but when this spell does not work, that is perfectly okay! I will be posting new spells each month, so stay tuned my fish friends!

Spell Instructions:

First, you will need to know the following upcoming full moon, so a moon phase calendar is recommended. But in case you already know when the next full moon is, proceed with the spell! Otherwise, I suggest you go look it up online! The spell should be preformed on the night of a full moon, if it is not, the spell either might not work or could go wrong.

Next, it has to be nighttime when you do the spell. By way of example, the sun has to be completely set and the moon must be visible. If it is cloudy and you cannot see the stars or moon, that’s a likely indication that the spell may not work.

After that, get the bowl of water and 2 pieces of paper. Take the pieces of paper and write down the following things in pen ink:

First Paper – Your Horoscope and Zodiac Symbol
Second Paper – Your Full Name, Date of Birth, and Favorite Color

After you do so, place both pieces of paper face down (that means that you can’t find the ink) into the water. They shouldn’t overlap each other, or else this will effect the results of the spell.

After they’re in the water, carefully place both sea shells on top of the pieces of paper. If the cubes are too large or two heavy and the newspaper sinks, then it is best to not use those shells.

Next, place on you charm. If the charm isn’t wearable, do not use it. The charms are the kinds of things. If the following you want to use isn’t mentioned, don’t use it. Also, the charm must have some particular value, or sentimental value. If it does not, the spell won’t work. You may use the following types of wearable charms:

*Friendship Necklace
*Charm Necklace
*Friendship Bracelet
*Charm Bracelet
*Wedding Ring
*Friendship Ring
*Diamond Ring
*Any type of jewelry including an Aquamarine

Now that you put on you charm, take the two pieces of paper out of the water. Do not remove the sea shells to begin with, you need to slide the paper from underneath the cubes and let the shells either sink into the water or make them float there (depending on the weight of the shell). After you set the bits of paper down onto the surface of whatever you are putting them on, you must make sure it’s face-up, so you can see the ink. Then take out the shells and place one down on every piece of paper.

After this has been done, begin your bath or shower. Before getting in, put the salt in the bowl of water and bring it with you, as well as the shells. When getting into the bath tub or shower, be sure that you don’t take off your charm, or else the spell won’t work. When in the shower/tub, pour the salty water on you (chest-down, which means from your chest to your feet) and then rub it around your body. Your head, your arms, your legs, and such. Next, sit down and put the shells on your knees. Hold your charm and recite the spell. The spell is long, so if you have trouble memorizing it, Have a piece of paper with you with the words on it so you can recite the following spell:

“Bavverissi, terrific water deity, I request, I plea, I beg, I beg for a favor to be done. A wish that I would like granted. Walking on land is pleasurable, but I crave more. The ocean, great waves and tides, a whirlpool of mystery and chaos, I want to plunge into. I hunger for more knowledge, I desire to be one with the waves. I desire to be one of many of you, a maiden of the deep. A tail, I wish to have. Each (Favorite Color) scale shall glimmer in the light, and it is going to be powerful, so I will swim at accelerated paces. A voice, so pure and delicate, yet sweet pitched, a voice to catch anybody’s attention, a voice to attract affection with every octave I sing. A wish I’ve wished for so long, let it be fulfilled. I offer my (Charm) as the product I shall use to transform. If I ever lose it, I will lose your trust and I shall lose all power. I privilege I will not take advantage of, as I pledge to take this plunge into your world, and see what others are missing. Bavverissi, answer my call, I shall be forever in debt, and will repay you and follow your every command. Thank you, I wish to be with you soon.”

After you recite this spell, continue on with your bath/shower. For the next following month, you can’t take off your charm, no matter what. As days pass, the side effects will kick in, meaning the spell is working.

Side Effects:

Itchy Legs and Feet
Tingly Legs and Feet
The odd desire to cross your legs more often
Wobbly Legs
Legs going numb
The desire to swim more
Unusual thirst
Craving of salt
The desire to sing more
Dreaming of mermaids, the ocean, or stuff that is aquatic
Legs and feet starting to feel more callused and rough
The desire to maintain your legs closer together
The desire to shower or bathe more
Breathing more slowly
The length, volume, and density of your hair increasing
The urge of fish to lessen (that’s if you like fish)
The urge of seaweed to intensify (you know, those dry edible shellfish items that you can purchase? Yeah, stuff like that)

If these side effects are beginning to happen to you, don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal after you perform the spell. If your legs start to hurt, that’s just the practice of your scales starting to develop. I hope you try this out, and I hope you all become a mermaid!

(To become human again, wait until your legs dry. If you ever lose your charm, you’ll never have the ability to turn into a mermaid. If you take it off, there’s only a matter of time until all temperament of the powers to change again completely vanish. Hope you try it out, and see you later my puzzle mermaids! ~Mia/MysteryMaids

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