Mind Control


Mind Control is that of being able to control, animals, larger ones, and people.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Strong sense of logic Imagination
Belief that’s it’s possible, can’t be illogical or it won’t work.

Casting Directions for ‘Mind Control’

This is based of a spell that vanished for some reason. I dont understand why they took it down. What you need to do first is clear your mind of all the stuff which may get in the way for example : * Trauma Events. * Things that cross your mind. * Things you still want to talk about that means it effects your concentration. * Things that are bothering you Past or Present or about things in the Future . You will need to talk about such things to yourself whether be just thinking them no . But only realize if you do it , it has to be ones you know are on your head you can be unsure about them. Talking will help them vanish from your mind but you must make sure you do this where ever feels private for you . Whether it be in a a room , a place , outside with a pet or on your own. You simply need to make you the key things you need to talk about them or out loud . You need to do this whenever you have time. For it I recommend 3 to 4 hours of talking , then maybe the imaging which it’s possible for maybe a hour or more or thirty minutes. I did it for about a good 6 to 7 or more hours . With this ability you can control animals , and larger ones , till it reaches people. But begin like with a bird or bat something small first . With the speaking part after your done you need to meditate with a picture of what I tell you that you can do. * Talk for 4 hours or less about things on your mind , every single day you dont need to speak aloud . Then meditate that a blue line is coming out of your hand , and attaching to the small animal . Or connecting to them to control and imagine the line connecting and feel it feel it . And continue this for however long you feel the need to . * Continuously do this for the next few days , and months or year . Patience is required by this ability. *Notice that you have to give the blue line a Intention of everything you want them to do . Do not abuse it . *When you finally , feel as thought you got it you’ll feel away of your environment youll find who your aiming for and will attempt to connect to them . Note Warnimg: Do not use this ability all of the time bad point the ability. Also as I said you will need to put intention into your blue line towards that animal if not you will kill them slowly , or quickly They way to disconnect is to toss them into something like the wall into a wall , window , car thats parked something that doesnt cause harm but bumps their head if you cant figure out how to disconnect. Not literally make them like encounter something like close by like running not literally but hitting their face pretty great , I know it sounds wrong but its the only way I know how to do it. If successful youll feel a snap in your body and mind. The ability itself is RECKLESS to use only randomly it puts you at risk for ownership . With a Unnatural Entity , We see them at the exorcist or things like that hell no these , entitys will haunt you or attempt to take over your body for however long they have to do it . If you possess a animal you not at risk , When you do it to a Human you at risk . They won’t leave you alone at all they will know that you are capable of this and will stay and haunt you. The reason why it puts you at risk for ownership , its because when done on an individual or human shaped body . You have your own body your spirit jumps out marginally from your body . With a creature you soul cannot go into that body because remember their body is shaped differently . You dont fit. When utilizing the ability its the slang pretty much for possessing another living creature. I dont understand why this ability exist but hearing about possessions it makes it possible if the dead can do it .

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