Mind penetration


This spell will make someone think about you , if you do want to penatrate the thauts of some 1

You may need the following items for this spell:

your hand
A reddish ruban ( it must be 1 meter long )

Casting Instructions for ‘Mind penetration’

Wrap the red ruban

Place you index inbetwen your eye brows

Close your eyes

Visualise the person you want to have hin think about you

Visualise that person would be helpfull if you can hear his voice

Visualise yourself penetrating in his minde ( I imagin a miniature me flowting towards that person and entering in hisher head to hisher minde )

Do this for 5-10 minutes daily for 7 days and you will be thinking of the person’s subject

Iv tested it dose and this charm work , have your minde clear of every thing when casting this spell and picture and you need to concentrate ,

You will learn that youv succeded without you tring to atract himher if that individual pay you more attentin .

Of spending time with 12, the person having a suden desire

Him telling you you came to my thinking last night or last week or …

NOTE : After the first casting of the spell ( the first 5-10 minuts you do ) the spell will start to behave and will show you results , the reusults will deppend on your electricity levil , if you are strong the spell will act immedeatly as soon as you are done , and after the 7 days are completed the spell will have a longer lasting time and without you projecting it you will pop to that person’s minde ,

If you are not that powerful the spel will take osme time ( you might not get into his mind wille he is awayk and have him considering you but you may go in his dreams ) after the 7 days are over the person will have moments in wish you will come to him minde for 2-6 seconds then he wake up and get back to what he was doing ( spell dosent stun a person he just flowt away thining of you )

Don’t worrie if the spell dosent work from first time becose it dose , it will reveal an effect once casted , the longer you maintain the spell ( doing it dayly for 7 days , then an other 7 days etc … ) the more that peroson will think about you

This spell is also used as he dose think most of his times about you to atract a person

This is an extremly simpel spell all you want is some concentration and a clear mind

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