Karma Spell/ Potion


Karma unto a person.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Any colour except white or black, candle.
Picture or newspaper.
Red Brick Dust (optional, for your protection.)

Casting Instructions for ‘Karma Spell/ Potion’

Light the Candle. Hold the picture/paper and chant this: NOTE: This is not latin or some other language you will identify. It is simply the language I use. I will also place it in Latin I suppose. ” Hrygr eom ono, tribus temporibus tribus. Onr Industria ero vandr eom ? Lfinn taka th?et bak nea ego atra th?et ganga nunc onr Karma incipit eom ostende” Put a pentagram or pentacle on the paper/photo if you would like. EDIT: It has come to my attention that SOM makes certain characters appear as ? . I can’t find a way to edit it, So I will just repost it. The ? With finn behind it is an A with two dots above, pronounced A. The ? In The middle of the word is the same. Same for the last one. All pronounced A.

Burn the paper in the right corner, and be sure that your intent is Karma. Fair Karma. The paper that was Invision enveloped in a purple and black smoke, dance around.

Mix the Ashes of the photograph/ paper with red brick powder (For protection) water, and milk. The amounts are up to you. Add a hair strand or a nail. Heat the mixture up a bit if you’d like, but not very hot. Take the potion into a living and healthy tree. Remember your intent of Karma. Pour the mixture under a tree.

Chant the chant as before. Invision, as you pour, the exact same Purple Smoke, who’s intent is Karma, is being raised. Imagine the smoke going and settling on the person. If you don’t know what they look like, then they may be a shameful figure. Blow out the candle and whisper ” Elrun ono.” Or Simply say thank you. Karma does not have to perform ths for you, so say thank you.

NOTE: The person is judged by Karma itself. If Karma sees no reason that this individual should be punished, then It will not punish. Never forget your intent is Karma. Message me if you have trouble, questions, or anything like that. Blessed be.

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