Making the Rose Shield Oil


Among the best ways to create your protective shield is through meditation. Saying a prayer, spell, lighting a candle and sprinkling a little potion around your home and yourself can also assist in the support of your efforts. The following is a simple recipe for a protection oil known as the Rose Shield.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pedals rose. 3 Whole Rose Pedals 8 Cups Water 1/4 Cup Chopped Sage Equal portions of Olive and Almond oil, enough to create 1/4 cup

Casting Directions for ‘Making the Rose Shield Oil’

It is wise not to use hybrid roses because their molecular structure has been altered to make color. Use the standard white, pink and red rose varieties instead. Or if you can roses are the best. ** A coffee filter can be used in place of cheese cloth.

Creating The Potion

You want to have a small rhyme ready to chant over the components as you mix them together. This is a method of charging the items as you combine them and set the intent of this potion. Your rhyme ought to be short, about 4 lines long and easy to remember and say. This is a protection potion, so that intent should be addressed by your rhyme.

With sage I really do set and roses,

An air.

With fragrance of pedals

I charge this potion with each and every call.

Pick the sage at dusk and put it in a warm dry area inside your dwelling. 1 long stalk of sage will make about cup of chopped material.

Decide on the rose pedals early in the morning, before the sun has a chance to dry them out.

In a medium sauce pan, mix the oil and water and let it simmer over a medium flame while you prepare the pedals and sage.

With a pair of scissors, cut the rose pedals to small pieces, less than inch square, till you can make 2 full cups of pedals. Chop the sage stem into inch pieces. If the stalk has started blooming or seeding, include this portion of the sage also. Add all the ingredients to the sauce pan and simmer for thirty minutes. Stirring occasionally.

Reduce heat, cover and simmer for another 30 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool until the liquid is luke warm. Drain the liquid into a sterilized bottle with a cheese ** cloth. Squeeze the contents of the fabric to drain any liquid left from the pedals and sage.

Add the whole pedals into the liquid bottle and close with a cork or glass stopper. Let stand in a cool place for 3 days before use.

The Rose Shield Use the oil along with a protection spell. To protect your home, sprinkle this oil throughout the door ways and windows.

To protect your car and its occupants before a long trip, sprinkle the tires and steering wheel.

To protect your sacred space, sprinkle around the exterior of the space.

To protect yourself, rub a small quantity of the oil on inside of your writs, the surface of your hands, the soles of your feet and the interior of your ankles.

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