Prayer Spell


Also works as negative energies caused by them and banishing spirits although mainly used for protection

You will need the following items for this spell:

5 white candles Energy or a combination of epsom salt Blue and red chalk

Casting Instructions for ‘Prayer Spell’

Here’s a spell that is mainly used for protection but also functions as banishing spirits and negative energies caused by them. You may need 5 white candles, to close the circle use a combonation of epsom salt, and blue and red chalk grounded up, this may even be done from the backyard just make sure the head candle faces north. Recall say it with conviction and strength, archangels are similar to any other spirit they want to learn whoever they help is prepared to walk the path not have others walk it for them.

I call to shield me
Let all spirits within this house leave,
From the power of Heaven
Let this house be of holy sanctuary
Let none need to fear evil in this house
For I command it be banished hence!
I call upon the Archangel Gabriel
To sound his horn and collect angels to my help in this, my greatest hour of need
I call upon the Fiery Archangel Uriel
To guard me and those I love in the title of the Holy spirit
I call upon the Healing Archangel Raphael,
To heal the wounds caused by the spirits that have harmed me, and to wipe away the influences of them in the name of the son
I call upon the Guardian Archangel Michael, to banish the spirits
Away from this house, In His title
For it is a malevolent spirit, that wishes to corrupt and utilize
I call upon the forces of heaven to protect me from the evil that haunts me
So I may do the task at hand
In return I shall provide one day of support for you
In this hour of need I call upon you to do my bidding
I control this, in return for one days service!
Let this be granted so I can finish the task at hand!
In the title of the Archangels, the son, the father, and the holy spirit

You may need to repeat a few times until you know that you are done. And feel the difference, and clean up understanding that things are going to take a turn for the better

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