“Magnets” Wish spell


fulfillment of a wish

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 magnets (preferably one of them was horizontal, but not required) 1 sheet of white paper 1 box of crayons (colors) 1 white candle

Casting Instructions for “‘Magnets” Wish spell’

One of the magnets (smaller) put on your own. You can put it into a bag and set it on your neck or wrist, wrap the ribbon and attach to a belt, put it into his pocket. In short, it must be your magnet, for it is to him you will attract your desire.

As part of an organized ritual area (on the altar, or being in a circle) light a candle. Looking at it, visualize your wish, allow the candle can allow you to see its clear, clean, uncomplicated by other thoughts. Concentrate on it, look at its implementation, feel the joy of being accomplished that desired.

Thinking about the accomplishment of the plans paint a leaf, picking the right color pens, depending on how you see your want. Do not recall the colour matching, even if your choice will be dictated by instinct. Draw the image of fulfilled desire vividly as possible. It’s possible to paint whole leaf, shade the area, the wish to identify any symbols.

As soon as you have fixed his wish on the newspaper, wrap the paper that the next (flat) magnet. He is your wish that you only pull. Take the magnet, which until then was with you, saying, “I see what I need. I know what to pull.” Consider the performance of wish and slowly hold a magnet wrapped in a paper to the fact that he had just obtained. The nearer the magnets come together, the more clearly you have a wish to render, painted on paper. When you feel you could see it very clearly, hold the magnets together and allow them to connect.

The magnets can be held at home (to keep the altar or in a special box, etc.). But even better to carry around, especially in places related to the implementation of the desire (on the job if it was on the service grow, to a party, if the aim – to meet and attract the attention of the ideal person, etc.).

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