Simple Wish


A simple spell to give small desired, nothing big.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Water to wash your hands. 1 candle colour coordinated with your desire. (ex: Yellow for fantasies that fall under the domain of sunlight.) A piece of paper Coloured ink or paint to correlate with your wish, as with your own candle. A separate coloured paint to put on your candle A bowl to burn the paper with your wish on it. Your hair, blood, or saliva (this is optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Simple Wish’

Know the intention of your desire, meditate on it for at least a half hour. Cleanse your hands in water, preferably of rosemary and roses. Get the appropriate candle and paint to correlate with the world that hold domain over the topic of your wish.
Wait till the hour of the planet, if it is for love for instance the hour of Venus. The spell must be performed in this hour for maximum potential. Paint the symbol of that planet upon the candle with the distinct paint not of the colour of the planet.
Next with the ink/paint of the color of the planet your wish falls upon write your wish on the paper. Upon the reverse put the symbols (seal, sigil, intellect, ect) on it, make sure that the ink/paint would not bleed through the paper.
(optional) on the borders put your saliva or blood on the paper, or if you prefer tie the paper with your hair, be sure not to rip the paper if you do this. (optional but will most definitely help) recite the following prior to burning the newspaper;
(enter the name of the world) olani ipam ol ils monos ol votum, votum noasmi ol malpirgi. Oe monasci (world). Ol votum scripsit mirc ol acta diurna noasmi vaoan, oe oiad monasci ol loncho oi ne ol oiad eophan oiveae ol nostoah noan

Burn the paper in the flame of the candle, then while aflame put it in the heat proof bowl, make sure it burns completely. While burning meditate on your desire, recite it in mind, imagine it coming true. Allow the candle burn out.

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