Simple Wishing


This charm was contributed by the member Scrupulous. It is a wishing spell, to meet your will.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pentacle (optional) White candle (or one corresponding with demand) Piece of paper (small would be best) Pen Regular bowl

Casting Instructions for ‘Simple Wishing’


Cast your circle on your casting space (casting a circle is optional). Place your pentacle in the middle of your circle (if you’ve got a pentacle). Set the candle in the center of the pentacle (if you dont have a pentacle then place the candle of the ring). Light the candle. Take your paper and write what you want or want on it using the pencil. Now sit in front of the flame and meditate on what it is you want. Imagine it coming to life, allow the feelings of happiness that would ensue if your wish has been granted fill your being, and visualize the energy within you swell up out of you. When you feel you’re ready light the paper on fire with the candle flame and place the burning paper in the bowl. This say, while doing:

I invoke thee Goddess of the night,
Grant this wish I wish tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Grant this wish I wish tonight.

Then say what it is you wish for, explain it. When you’re finished explaining, visualize it manifesting. Then say:

This is my will, by the power of three,
This is my wish, so mote it be.

When you’re done meditate on your desire some more. After you are done, blow out the candle. Eliminate your circle from location, store your pentacle and candle whereever it is you choose to.

Bury the ashes (preferrably at the bottom of the tree) or scatter them across the floor, anywhere will do the job. While burying or scattering the ashes, say:

Let it be done.

And then you’re completely done. Enjoy.

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