A Amazing wish spell:)


This is my first spell on this website don’t know if it works yet it’s untested but hope it works this spell will give me powers only but in return I will help me you more powerful if you complete this wish spell for me :D.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Voice,any emotion,no ingreediance required but is optional if you think it will help and already being powerful but optional or you may be a newcomer it doesn’t matter how powerful you are as long as you use emotion or voice :D.

Casting Instructions for ‘A awesome wish spell:-RRB-‘

The power of this desire spell only goes to spell casters coven consumer playinggod called Harley. And this will give me all the abilities,skills, abilities,techniques and transformations of all of the saiyans from the famous anime dragon ball z and dragon ball super 100% instantly so here is your spell say I wish that the username playinggod from spell casters coven to have and get all the abilities,powers,skills,techniques and transformations of all the saiyan characters in the famous animes dragon ball z and dragon ball super and this will break through anything that is stopping this desire spell from working and this will come true 100% right now instantly 100% and this will become a reality 100% instantly thank you gods and goddesses so mote it be. And if this wish spell works then I will give more power to those who make this come true 😀 hope it works good luck :D. P.S add me as a friend or message me to ask if it has worked for me so thank yous talk soon and if I do not reply don’t get angry or annoyed because I will keep my promise.

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