Become a Therian


Some may say it’s not possible to turn into a therian. If you do this spell and it works, you may have been a therian all along. Try it if you feel you could be a therian, or you believe that therians are cool. Don’t blame me if this doesn’t work.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Marker Two pieces of paper White candle Telephone with headphones or earbuds

Casting Directions for ‘Become a Therian’

Draw the therian emblem (Theta Delta) on the back of your hand. It can be your left or right hand. Write the next spell on the first piece of paper. Now light the white candle and say three times:
O (deity you worship), I wish to be whole
Bind me to the creature in my soul
I want to be a therian, awaken me!
Let me understand my theriotype and be free.
Make me a therian, allow me to awaken soon.
Give me an animal soul from the light of the Moon.
I Won’t discriminate, I do not care,
If it’s a skunk or a fox or a bear.
I am a therian! I am not human!
My inside soul isn’t my outside skin!
I am a therian! Awaken me!
Show me the animal within!
Allow me to mentally shift to be just like it!
Let me dream of being it and see it!
Let me ghost shift to feel like I’m it!
Let me sense shift to sense like I’m it!
I shall shift! I shall shift!
As I am a therian!
Allow me to awaken to my inner animal! I beg and beg!
This is my will, so mote it be.
Now listen to some songs. I suggest some music specifically for therian shifting, spiritual awakening, or something along those lines. Try not to use anything with lyrics. If you desire, use a guided meditation and ignore the steps below.
As you listen, think of all the animals you love, and all the animals youre like, and all the potential things that could be your theriotype. But dont try to pick and choose. If you love love love cats, dont dismiss the fox which you might be. Let the god/dess or spirit you contacted tell you. Go into your subconscious. Use gemstones if you must. Now imagine a beautiful location. A wild natural area which you feel safe in. What can you see? Hear? Smell? Focus on this area. Take it in.

Now you observe a mist, swirling up from a body of water, or down in the sky if there is no water. The mist comforts you as it disturbs you, bringing you to the spirit world. Subsequently, the mist dissipates, gradually, revealing the world of spirit. What does it look like?

Now, the mist looks again, fading to a wall of mist before you. Feel a presence. This is your spirit animal, your theriotype. Feel a deep connection with this unseen beast. Now, its nose, muzzle, beak, snout or whatever else pokes out. Don’t be startled by what you see. Take it in. Touch it. What is it? What may it belong to?

The mist fades away, revealing your theriotype. What is it? Did the animal you see surprise you? Do not fear. Know that this is you, this is the real you. Let it do what it wishes. If it has to do with you, touch it. If not, watch it. Watch the intellect in its eyes. It is you. That’s your intelligence. Your subconscious has shown you who you are, who you want to be. This is you. Take in its eyes, its body, every part of it. Remember it. This is your spirit animal, and your theriotype.
Now let the animal give you its spirit and awaken you. It will do so how it wishes. When you have received its spirit, bid it farewell. It should allow you to leave, but you carry a portion of it back. You are now an animal, and a therian. Let the mist encircle you, and feel the existence still there since the mist surrounds you. When it clears, you are back in the nice place you imagined. Go to the water if there’s any, and touch it. If not, sit down and raise your arms to the skies. And now, open your eyes slowly. You have just seen your theriotype.
As soon as you’ve meditated, draw the footprint or pawprint of your theriotype on the hands of the Theta Delta hand. Draw the therian symbol again on the second piece of paper, then draw the footprint/pawprint under it, then the name of your theriotype species. Burn that paper, then fold up the spell paper. Keep it in a safe secret spot.

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