Get what you want


A spell for Novices who don’t have a lot of supplies

You will need the following items for this spell:

Geranium essential oil Tigers eye stone Assortment of seashell which you FOUND Assortment of rocks that you FOUND Paper Feather or pointy shell Paper Silver candle and candle with colour corresponding to what you want (red for love, green for prosperity, etc.)

Casting Instructions for ‘Get what you want’

Rub the vital oil all over the tigers eye, rocks and shells. Using the pointy shell or feather, write your name and what you want in essential oil by dipping your writing utensil in it. Don’t use too much! Put the oil on both candles’ wicks. Charge everything under the moonlight for at least 3hours. Arrange five of the rocks into the points of a five point star on the floor, large enough for one to sit cross legged in the center. Light both candles in front of you. Be careful, the oil might make them flare up. If you can’t actually light them envision them burning. Take the piece of paper with what you wanted written on it and tear it into 13 pieces. Make 1 larger than the rest, big enough to draw something little on it. Put every piece other than the bigger one at the non silver candle. Then on the larger piece draw a symbol that you thinks represents what you want on it with a combination of ink and oil. It should be a lean mixture. Put that piece from the silver can del and allow it to burn. Durring the burning, chant:
Relese my fantasy to the sky, spirits, know it’s mine. The night of the entire moon my fantasy will be real, I thank you for your advice, spirits, before you kneel.
This actually works. I use it for everything, love, money, popularity, beauty.

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