ESAUE Square (wish spell)


A powerful spell which can accomplish almost anything…

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 piece of parchment 1 candle (color based on target) 1 altar (or anything you work your magick upon) Athame or other blade/needle

Casting Directions for ‘ESAUE Square (want spell)’

The main focus here will be the parchment.

I use an altar facing north with a stick of incense burning in the north (type based on my goal – like cinnamon for love though for instance) a candle to the west (color dependant on goal – black for death as an example) salt or other minerals to the south (again, it depends on the goal – gold dust works for a money spell) and water to the west (again, use materials by unstict based on targets – lavender infusion may be placed in the water for health or love)

I am aware that runs counter to most traditions, but it works for me – set yours up how it works for you.

After setting up your work area and meditating, take the parchment and envision what your aim is with the charm. On one side draw, paint (possibly) write in verse what it is that you want to happen. The important part is that the raw emotion connected to the artistic action.

As soon as you’re fully in the moment, you will need your blood. On the opposite side of the parchment, write the following on your blood:






So it creates a square.

As you write, maintain constant focus on your objective. If you work with spirits, ask them fir their aid. If you pray to a deity, ask them for aid as your tradition requires.

This is a rather common spell, easy and powerful, though I didn’t see it in the database.

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  1. good morning

    Friend, what do I do with the scroll after the spell?

    What should I do, with the parchment written? I save it? I burn it? I keep it in the earth?


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