Easter Spell


To get your desires. .

You will need the following items for this spell:

Handful of fallen leaves little number of seeds basil or mint bell 6yellow or green candles an easter basketplanting dirt paper and pencil

Casting Directions for ‘Easter Spell’

Rose’s Easter Basket Of Magick Goodies

What you will need:

* A handful of fallen leaves

* A Few of seeds or seedlings
(I love to use basil, mint, and/or

* A bell you can ring

* 6 yellowish and/or green candles

* An Easter basket

* Some planting soil (enough to fill
The basket at least half full).

* Paper and a pencil


STEP 1: place, and Setup a basic altar
Your candles, and anything else that
Represents spring, or Easter to you.

I like to include a spring wreath,
And some small plants also, but
that’s optional.

STEP 2: On the piece of paper draw a
line down the middle to form 2 columns.

At the top of the column, write
“Things To Get Rid Of”.

STEP 3: Write a list of at least 3
Things you need to “eliminate” in

These could be bad habits, unhealthy
Relationships, poverty, whatever you

Your list may be as long as you like,
So long as you have enough “fallen
leaves for each.

STEP 4: In the right column, at the
top, write “Hopes And Desires”.

STEP 5: Compose a list of at least 3
Things you desire in life in this

Do not be too greedy, though don’t
Hold back too much either.

Just make sure you desire them
deeply, in your heart… and that
You have an emotional connection to

This list can be long as well,
But be sure you have 1 seed for
each desire.

STEP 6: Light the candles to Start
the spell.

STEP 7: Fill the Easter basket
With dirt, at least halfway

STEP 8: Take the first leaf and

“With this dead leaf, I bury
(The first thing on your “Things
To Get Rid Of” list…).”

“Old things fade away, and fresh
Hope renews with the spring.”

STEP 9: Then, bury the leaf in
the soil, in your Easter Basket.

Repeat steps 8 and 9 with each
“Thing To Get Rid Of”.

Allow yourself to feel hopeful
Through this process. . .and know
In mind that these things
Will fall away from your life,

STEP 10: Next… take a seed
On your hand and hold it close
To your heart, then state:

“As the light of the spring
grows, so does my (Your First
“Hope And Desire) on the list.”

“Alongside this seed, grows
This change in my life.” .

STEP 11: Plant the seed in
the soil.

STEP 12: Right the bell to
“activate” the Magick of the
seed… say:

“As this bell rings, I charge
This seed to attract my
desire, an’ it harm none.”

STEP 13: Repeat steps 10-12
For every “Hope And Desire” on
your list.

STEP 14: When you’re done, end
The spell and snuff out your

STEP 15: Set the basket in
a place where the seeds can
grow. They will need sunlight,
And a climate.

Water them a little bit every
Other day… and since they sprout
So shall your dreams.


There’s so much power in this
Spell, and I really hope you
Make the most of this time to
do it.

I do this every year, and I will
Be doing this again this Saturday
Blessed Be )0(

Apr 22nd

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