This isn’t a lycan like on Underworld. In terms of appearance, they resemble Twilight wolves. This is a very powerful spell and has to be used wisely.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Visible, rather large or full moon, nighttime, outside Silver candle Sharp object A fallen, dry leaf Salt Vervain Graveyard dust A piece of paper A pen Each section of the spell on a separate sheet of paper

Casting Directions for ‘Lycan’

Sprinkle the salt in a circle, then draw a pentacle on the paper. Light the silver candle, and throw salt on it, but don’t allow the candle go out. Over the flame, say:

“Spirits, spirits, give thy ear
Hither, come hither, from far and near
Lycans howling in the night,
Enter my circle by candlelight.
Power, electricity, greatest power
Closer, closer, to the witching hour
I call thee! I call thee!
Spirit of fate!
Make haste, make haste, and do not be late.
Terrific spirit, Fantastic spirit of the unknown
Lend me the magick to shift at will
Twisting skin, muscle and bone
Into a wolf so powerful and still!
Spirits, o spirits of blazing fire!
Lend to me your burning ire!
Spirits, o souls of rivers chilly!
Lend to me power of ages old!
Spirits, o souls of wind strong and fast!
Bind the spell to make it last!
Spirits, o spirits of unshakeable earth
Facilitate my rebirth!
Spirits, o souls of shadows black!
Make me bound and loyal to my pack!
Spirits, o spirits of lightning bright!
Make my paws swift and light!
Spirits, o souls of swirling skies!
Let my wish be accomplished!
Spirits of wolves and lycans past!
Lend your power to the spell I cast!
Lycan packs and lycan clans!
Send your power to my hand!
Await me! Await me! For I am enabled!
I become a wolf at the midnight hour!”

Now sprinkle the graveyard dust round the candle. Sprinkle salt with the dust. Say these affirmations either once, or three times to get extra power:

“I’m a lycan.
I can painlessly shift at will into a huge wolf.
My wolf form is as tall as a man at the shoulder.
My senses are improved in both kinds to be twice as good as a normal wolf.
I have color vision in both forms.
I have superhuman strength in both forms, twice as powerful as a normal wolf.
I have superhuman rate in both forms, twice as fast as a normal wolf.
I have superhuman agility, flexibility, and reflexes in both forms, and I react far faster than a normal human or wolf.
Like most of lycans, I can smell arousal, emotions, and lies.
Like most of lycans, I can detect subtle changes in voices in order to find out whether someone is lying, as my hearing is quite powerful.
Like most of lycans, I will be loyal and honourable, and crave a bunch.
I will have a pack mentality and live with my bunch of lycans.
I can survive easily on just 4 hours of sleep per night.
I’ll be strong, strong, and an excellent fighter in both forms.
I am able to shift at will between human and wolf form.
When I get emotional, I am going to change, my eyes turn the color of my wolf form.
I heal rapidly, and my recovery quickly sets bones, heals wounds, kills germs and cancer, heals scars, and fixes any other harm.
I am able to handle extreme heat and cold easily.
I’ve superhuman pain resistance.
I have complete and full control of when I change, and while I’m within my wolf form I have full control.
I have wolf instincts that I can control easily.
I’ll give off a smell recognizable to other lycans as the scent of a lycan.
I am ready to scent monitor for miles and miles, and I will tell precisely how far away something is, what species it is, and more.
I will certainly attain trance and tap into the subconscious mind, and I can certainly reach higher levels of consciousness.
Meditation comes naturally for me.
I can telepathically communicate with other lycans in my pack.
I have a strong spiritual relationship with wolves and can now talk with them.
Like all lycans I have an unerring sense of direction, and a highly strategic mind that could easily form plans in moments, and act on them.
I’m hyperperceptive and can easily distinguish details.
All of my senses work together to make a being that is perfect.
My circulatory system is extremely powerful.
My body digests and takes in every previous nutrient in the food I eat.
I can easily disappear into the shadows, hide in plain sight, and excel in other things of stealth.
I’m superhuman and superior to mere man and wolf in every way.
I can see in the darkest of spaces, and my colour vision is incredible and can view and reflect a profound intensity of colour.
Humans, wolves and lycans feel the powerful lycan energy rippling from my body.
I do not kill or eat people, wolves or lycans, and I just kill prey, and only for necessity.
I am 100 percent Lycan in every way. Everything that is true of Lycans is true of me unless it directly contradicts the above, unless the facts will make me stronger.
I am stronger, faster, more agile, have better reflexes, senses, and pain resistance than anything else on Earth.
My shifts are painless and I can completely control myself and my changes in both forms.
I am a lycan and I love being a lycan.”

As soon as you’ve said this one or three times, burn the affirmations paper and the first spell paper with the foliage and vervain. Now split a crescent moon into the silver candle and say:

“The full moon, it is risen for all to see!
Spirit of the Unknown, I beg of thee!
Spirits of the world around!
Magick flickering abound!
Lycans pacing the soft ground ground!
Let’s howl and howl around!
I ask these spirits, please o please,
Grant one wish to this humble soul!
Spirits of animals, stars and trees,
Make me a lycan and form me whole!
The affirmations: you went to hear it!
Make them true, o mightsome spirit!
I am a lycan! I am wild!
I am a lycan! I am free!
I’m sure in this desire!
I’m true in this wish!
I will never regret this desire!
I will never forget this wish!
This is undoubtedly my greatest will!
Mote it be!”

Now burn the paper you read it from, and burn the pentacle paper.

“It is done! Come, o great spirits! Come!”

Now bow into the candle and allow the power enter you. Remain in the bow until you feel the primal power within you. Now howl as loudly as you can, to seal the spell.

This spell is incredibly powerful. There are many benefits to reap, but be sure you need to have the power.

Best of luck,


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