Contrary to werewolves, dreamwolves are really the easiest animals to become…

You will need the following items for this spell:

Concentration Night

Casting Directions for ‘Dreamwolves’

~This Isn’t a spell, but a manual~

1. Dedicate yourself to wolves; for example don’t just fancy becoming one for the fun of it.

2. Before sleeping think about wolves as long as you want too, possibly create a story in your head and make yourself a ‘werewolf.’

3. Sleep

Needless to say, I don’t know what is going to happen in your dreams, but in mine I was hunted down by humanity and that I had been running in what seemed like the forests near my house. I then transformed into a human; and afterwards in my dream into a wolf.

The transformation on your dream is CRUCIAL.

A Signs It Has Worked
– Restlessness throughout the day
– A yearning for power
– A feeling that ‘you could transform on the spot’

Of course, when awake, you cannot change into a werewolf – this is just a delusion humans are beneath; and this is a guide to become a Dreamwolf, not a werewolf.

a 2. You can interact with other Dreamwolves; but not me, because I will most probably be in the fantasy world for a great reason, not just roaming around the area. You’ll recognise me by my grey fur and my white right forepaw.
3. NEVER stray near a street.

If it does not happen the first try you might not have the compatibilty to become a Dreamwolf, or you might not be ready. If at all possible, try every evening.

If you have any queries please message me and I will attempt to get round to answering as soon as possible. If you desire more information about the Dreamworld or what it is to be a Dreamwolf message me as well.

– If you don’t believe you’ll never succeed.

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