Midnight Wolf


A Midnight wolf, as I call it, is like the shapeshifters from Twilight, but altered. This is comparable to a twilight werewolf spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bay leaf Basil Oregano Thyme Incense and holder Silver candle Lighter or match Bowl made of ceramic A tissue

Casting Directions for ‘Midnight Wolf’

Light the candle. Use the tissue to wrap the herbs, then burn them in the bowl. Light the incense. Write down on a newspaper a pentagram, followed by this:
I can shift instantly and painlessly into a wolf, the size and form of these wolves of the Twilight, but different in many ways. My skin is precisely 42 Fahrenheit at all times, and when I’m angry my eyes briefly flash the color of my wolf kinds eyes. The moon doesn’t affect my shifts, but it affects my mood, and my skin is tough and difficult to pierce, but soft to the touch. In my human form I have super strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, flexibility, and sensations, which are all doubled in my wolf form. I’ve half-inch puppy teeth in human form which I can retract to a normal size, and in wolf form I will retract my claws like a cat, and my claws and fangs are razor sharp. I am able to shift without vampire influence. I don’t imprint, but I can communicate telepathically with the package, and I have full control over my changes from the beginning. My pack is tightly coordinated, but not a hive mind, and although the alphas word is powerful, it can still be defied. I can control which thoughts I share with the bunch, and can pick out vampires and other mythicals by scent, but none are replusive and I bear ill will to none. I don’t hunt vampires, and vampires do not hunt me. My hair length affects my fur length; it’s normal till shoulder length, after which it begins to grow shaggy. Undercuts do not impact my fur, neither does shaving the body. I’m not immortal, but it’s hard to kill me, and I heal rapidly of any disease or injury, and my body kills cancer cells. I grow taller and more muscular, but other than that remain mostly the same, and females may alter just as often and as easily as males. Meditation, spells and matters of the spirit come easily to me. All wolves are the exact same giant size, averaging five feet tall at the shoulder, and we aren’t ferocious, but we’re strong. All this is correct, mote it be and blessed be.
Chant nine times this spell:
Wolves that growl and howl and fight
Send me electricity by the candle light
And the moon that shines down every night
To make me a wolf of the twilight.
As thick black smoke fills up the sky
I pray you see me with golden eye
And listen to me with flicking ear
To create my form as is written here.
Blessed be the mighty trees with roots that shake the ground
The rocks and rivers, butterflies and every living thing
That change my life here in this night, my spirits and body rebirth
Send my changes gently on midnights wing.
This is my will, so mote it be!
Wrap the herbs in the tissue and burn the bundle. (This is what the bowl is for.) Light the incense and concentrate on the candle flame until you are calm, then read the newspaper. When you are done, fold it up. Now say this spell twice:
I’m sure of all the things I’ve said.
I believe it is going to work, it is not in my head.
I will change, my life will change
My life will be reborn and rearranged
I am sure in this desire, I shall not regret my choice
And I understand the stars above hear my voice
My phone rings out across the night, through the stars and the moon
I beg thee on folded knees, oh please, make it sure and make it soon!
A wolf! a wolf! Soon shall I be
A great wolf running and crying free!
My will is strong, so please, mote it be!
Sit for a few minutes, just relaxing and focusing on your will. Now blow out the candle and envision a wolf head in the smoke with glinting gold eyes. Optional: rub the ashes on your cheekbones and canines.

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