Incantation for Skill


An Incantation for Skill

In the arts that are desired.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 Brand New Oak Leaves 5 White Candles

Casting Instructions for ‘Incantation for Skill’

SKILL is best achieved by an invocation that speaks directly to the spirit of the desirable art. The arts are themselves named after the spirits and so are addressed in the title of the art.

Three fresh leaves of an oak ought to be put on a table and surrounded afterward by the positioning of five lighted candles in order to form the five points of a pentacle. A ring should then be drawn round the whole and no more should any input or leave the circle.
The desirable art must be addressed by title and her invocation ye should speak in a soft yet firm voice:

“Spirit of (name the art), I summon thee to the place that thee may attend mine want of ability in thine beauty.
Spirit of (name the artwork), I summon thee at the power of the everlasting virtue of the greatest which thee attend.
Thy skill I desire in order to honor the virtues of thine art.
Let this pass between us that thee suffer not the pain of torment for thy disregard and the two edged sword in its swift and unyielding justice might stay its blade out of thee.
Grant thy ability now that thee shall enjoy the item of mine labors in thy name. So this I ask, so this let be so”.

Having spoke the invocation, dismiss the spirit. The candles should be extinguished and the leaves must be rolled and buried in freshly turned soil.


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