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Here are the tips I wrote to assist you with spell casting.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Casting Tips’

What to Know
You need more than belief to produce a spell work.
You need such as energy, creativity, patience, etc..
So make sure that you try to achieve those things for greater spell casting.
Try other Spells
Since spells require assurance, energy, etc, you can try spells
To get you these like you can do energy spells, confidence spells, etc
To assist you attain the spell
What I recommend is that you attempt to forget the spell. I saw and it stated
It will help you . Once you cast a spell, dont put a lot of thought
into it.
While doing a spell, try to focus into it. Like keep thinking
Of what you want from the spell,
What you want the spell to do things
That deal with the spell etc..
Like when doing a mermaid spell, focus on what
deals with mermaids like water, fishes, etc..
This is one of the big problems with spell casting.
People get scared to try them and it finishes
up with the spell not working for them. Attempt to overcome that.
Spells is about confidence too.
Confidence also get spells to work.
Try not to be scared, get ready for the effects.
You may also try the confidence spell on my channel.
This is the biggest problem with spell casting.
A persons belief can go down by giving up, others, etc..
Believe what you believe in. While performing the spell, think It will work I can do it etc..
Try to put more positive ideas into it. Don’t put negative thoughts.
You can also say I think in your head while chanting the spell
Some spells require components. Some require a Good Deal, some require a few,
And some dont need anything in any way. When getting ready for the spell, when it
Says the items that you need for it. Try to find some that goes along with the spell.
Like for a fairy spell, when it says things that represent the earth. Try to
Find some leaves, flowers, etc..

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