A Spell For Casting on a Beach


This is another spell that asks for money and a spell that you cast on the beach. These days we have so many financial pressures, so why not? Anything that can provide the bank balance with a boost is sure to be welcome. The spell should be cast at sunset.

You are going to need the following:

A fabric gold-colored bag
Seven gold-colored or gold coins

With the sun to your back, place the coins inside of the bag. Wade a bit out to sea, and following the sun’s rays reflection on the water. Picture this as a gold path, that leads to the horizon. Take a coin out of your bag and then drop it into the ocean, while saying the following:

Setting sun cast some gold on the sea,
Bring some prosperity to me.
Let this be done, let it harm no one.

Wade a bit further out and then drop your second coin in the water, and repeat the spell’s words and continue to do this until you have cast all of the coins. The spell will work even more efficiently if you drop the coins in seven successive waves. After you have cast the last coins, walk seven times in a clockwise circle, and visualize money filling up your empty bag. Take the golden path and follow it back up to the beach.


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