A Spell Using Seaweed


This spell can help to turn the tides if you are suffering from financial difficulties. You perform this ritual at the beach at the time that the tide is at its maximum height. Use a real pearl if you can afford to. Otherwise you can use a mother-of-pearl button.

You will need the following:

Two mussel or oyster shells
A mother-of-pearl button or pearl
A stick
Green twine

Place the pearl inside of the shells. Hold them to the side that is open and cover the shells with seaweed. Use the twine to bind together the seaweed parcel. Use the stick to make a circle in the sand, right above where the tide line is. Place the shells inside of the circle and once an incoming wave covers it say:

I am returning what belongs to you, Great Sea,
May you please restore my prosperity,
And let this be done, and that it harms no one.

There are some magic makers who have benefited from the spell who have waited until the tide has turned and then cast their bounds in the seventh wave.

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