A Spell That Will Help The More Mature Woman


The two most challenging and demanding times in the life of a woman is when she gives birth and when she goes through menopause. Not only is the body physically changing, but it can wreak havoc on emotions and create all kinds of negativity. For women who are nearing this change in their lives, this spell can help. It can help them see that this is another stage of their transformation and that they will be reborn as “new women” in all aspects. Go outside when you cast this spell.

Get these things:

A long piece of orange ribbon
A small branch of rose-hips or a twig of hawthorn berries
Seven sprigs from a broom
Two ears from wheat
Red flower petals or red autumn leaves
Fresh lavender
A small amount of sand
Seven cubes of ice
One bowl

Using the orange ribbon, tie it around the broom sprigs to make a small broom. Set this aside. Put one wheat ear on the grass and lay the other one on top of it with the stems crossing each other. Place the hawthorn berries or rose-hips on top of the wheat and sprinkle some lavender seeds over them. Take some sand in your hands, stretch out your arm, and sprinkle in a circle with a radius that is slightly longer that your arm. Take the petals or leaves and lay these in a circular pattern just outside of the sand’s perimeter. Take the ice cubes, and surround the group of wheat and berries/hips in a circle. Go outside of the circle and kneel. Leaning forward, put your hands on the ground, one on each side of the petal/sand circle. Straighten up and observe as the ice melts. While the ice is melting, use your hand and trace around the circle, counter-clockwise, three time. Say this at the same time:

Tensions melt away with ice,
Blessing on the circle thrice.
Hold on to pleasure; let go of sorrow.
Give me power to smile tomorrow.
It will be done, with harm to no one.

After the ice is done melting, get the small sprig of broom with the orange ribbon and the bowl. Sweep up all of the materials with the broom and deposit the materials into the bowl. Sprinkle the ingredients onto a border of herbs or flowers. Say this as you are doing this:

Let the transformation inside me
Fill me with more strength and wisdom.
It will be done, with harm to no one.

Yes, you will overcome and get through this. Most women do, and you should not feel like your life will change for the worse from because of menopause.

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