A Spell That Can Break An Unhealthy Habit


Unhealthy habits are hard to break. Maybe you’ve been trying to quit smoking for years. Perhaps you are struggling with drinking too much alcohol. Or maybe you can’t stick to a diet and you are seeing yourself gaining more and more weight. Whatever it is, this spell can help you.

Gather these things:

Your favorite scented herbs or some hyacinth bulbs
Some compost for potting
A flower pot

Put the compost in the pot and plant your herbs or hyacinths in it. While you are planting, envision your healthy self, free of any addiction like overeating that is ailing you. As you finish your potting, use your fingers to pat the dirt nine times, and say this:

Come, powers that make these plants sprout and grow,
Take away my addiction and make it go.
It will be done, with harm to no one.

So, when you feel drawn to your temptation next time (and we all experience this), take the temptation, whether it is a cigarette, a drink, or your junk food, destroy it and discard it somewhere. Save a tiny amount of the material and put it in your potted plant. Say this at the same time:

O Mother Earth, receive this as you may,
And create new life through this decay.
It will be done, with harm to no one.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the fragrance of your plant. As you do this, thank Mother Earth for her undeserved love and get rid of the rest of the bad material. Whenever you feel the temptation coming again, go to your flowerpot, inhale the fragrance, and thank Mother Earth again for the heavenly scent.

You can also plant two pots of herbs or bulbs. Then you can use one pot at home and take the other one to your work site.

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