A Spell For Smudgers


Smudging, a North American Indian tradition, refers to cleaning and clearing the atmosphere in any particular place to make it suitable for another purpose. Once you move to a new house or decorate a room in your old house, you can always use this spell for the best results. You should smudge bundles of dried herbs and sticks bound together, something you can effortlessly make.

However, if you’re not good at making it, you can always buy it at a specialist shop. The smudge stick needs to be lit through the whole ceremony so make sure you have one that’s large enough. For the spell, you need a smudge stick, long-stemmed matches, a shell or feather to waft the smoke. Now light up the smudge stick and blow on it to make sure it’s caught fire well and smoking accordingly.

If you’re cleansing a single room, you should move clockwise in the room 3 times starting by the door and wafting the smudge stick ahead of you. As you move around the room you should repeat the following words. ‘Go negativity, go all fears, go all problems, go all tears, and let it be done that it harm no one.’ Repeat the words 3 times and make sure the smoke gets to every corner of the room.

If you’re smudging the whole house, you should start in the hall, you should start in the hall and work around the entire house clockwise. Repeat the ritual 3 times in every room for the best success.

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