A Spell To Return Unwanted Attention


At some time in your life you’re going to attract the attention of someone you wouldn’t want to know. If the person isn’t taking the hint that you don’t want them in your life, you should use this spell successfully. You should cast it 3 days or nights consecutively when the moon is waning. You need fresh vervain leaves, but you can always use dried ones that are readily available at a local herbalist.

You can always use a handful of either fresh or dried vervain leaves, whatever you get your hands on. You should cast the spell outside but indoors works well. Since there’s fire involved in the spell, you should be very careful when doing it. For the spell, you need vervain leaves, a properly stoked fire. Start by consecrating the coal or wood before lighting the fire.

When the fire is properly lit, you should throw the vervain leaves on the flames. While doing this, you should call out the name of the person you want out of your life loudly and with a lot of passion. Repeat these words once you have said the name. ‘I want you not ever, I need you not ever, leave my life now and come back never, and let it be done that it harm no one.’

Afterwards you should spend a minute trying to see the unwanted person in the fire’s smoke, then watch it as it wafts away from you, without a chance of ever coming back.

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