Kanima Spell


This charm makes you a Kanima. There is A Kanima a jaguar shape-shifter. You need at leaSt a year and a half experience in order for this to work to its fullest.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Night Indoors Completely Alone In a State of Meditation

Casting Instructions for ‘Kanima Spell’

First get into a meditation condition. Keeping your mind clear, inhale and exhale lightly but profoundly. Then think of one word and one word only. Kanima. Repeat it over and over in your head, not letting it slide off. Shut your eyes and imagine running free. The jaguar form of yourself is semi controlled. The sun raises above the hills and you appear as a human, disorientated, you place your hand on your head and get up from the crusty floor. You take a step and everything goes a bit..sparkly? You take a few more steps and what used to be a corn feild is now space. You are walking on a trail of stars. You decide to follow it and in the end is a jaguar, especially the one you were earlier. Bow to it, as it approaches, look down and reach out one hand, if it touches your hand, look into its eyes and ask “sir/mam’, only you can grant my wish. Please will you let me be a Kanima. I know the threat but also the advantage. I will look after me and you aswell. Please?” And step up. If it fails to touch you, you are not ready. If you become a Kanima, you will not get double nipples. I hope this helps you and I hope you like this. Mail if you havery any queries or requests. Bye !

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