Hyena familiar


This might only work if you’ve got a love of hyenas, a relationship with hyenas, a spiritual relationship with hyenas, etc.. This works for all ages, and for anyone with any type of magic, even if they can not perform spells or have never used magic before.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Toy hyena (small and plastic, hard to get so you could make one)
Pen or pencil
Colouring crayons, pens, pencils etc..
Something familiar with hyenas (love of, connection with etc.)

Casting Instructions for ‘Hyena familiar’

1. Hold your hyena toy. Look at it. Close your eyes and breathe in and out. Imagine a hyena, running, sleeping, anything like that.

2. Put the hyena down toy, then set the full page of the paper in front of you.

3. All hyenas look different, their stripes or spots aren’t the same as another hyena. They can be different shades of brown, too. Draw either an aardwolf, a brown hyena, a striped hyena or a spotted hyena. It MUST be accurate. Look at the details of hyena pictures, eg. Pale areas, areas with no patterns, areas with unique colours etc.. This is the reason it has to be drawn. If you cant draw well, just do a cartoon or whatever hyena. But the colours must be right. Anyway, start drawing on your hyena.

4. When you have finished drawing, fold the paper in half and write these details on one side of the folded paper: Name Gender Species of hyena (first write the scientific/latin name, then the normal 1) More good or bad Personality

5. Fold it in half again. On the side you have now, write this:

I shall only see, hear, and sense (name of your hyena recognizable). (name) shall stay with me forever. (title) shall never betray me. (title) will always talk to me when I want (him/her) to, and will always be with me. (he/she) will never stray away from me, and will be there for me, my only friend in a time of no buddies. (he/she) will protect me always. (title), come to me, my friend, protector, familiar. (title), come soon, come to my help. I need you.

Fold the paper, and write your familiars name on it.

6. Put the paper under your pillow for one night. Before you go to bed that night, unfold the paper to the spell and say it once. Fold the paper back, then put the paper back under your pillow.

7. In the morning, look at your familiars name on the paper (the last fold you did has its name on, remember?) and unfold the paper and look at your picture. Fold it up again, and store the paper in a secure place.

8. Await your familiar to come. The minimum time is 3 hours, the maximum is 3 times. When it does arrive, it will be after youve fallen asleep. You MIGHT (not will, MIGHT) have a dream that has something to do with that species of hyena, from someone saying its title to it being in the dream. When you wake up, it will be by your bed or in your room. It’ll walk up to you and greet you. Keep in mind, only you can see, hear, and sense it. Then you may begin life with your hyena familiar.

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