Invoking a Deity


To appeal to the nature of a deity and call for summons to worship.

You will need the following items for this spell:

6 White Candles

Casting Instructions for ‘Invoking a Deity’

Set up the 6 candles in a circle, keeping it as and close to perfection as you can.
Light the candles, and do not step inside; this is for the deity.
Sit the ring aside, and chant;

“Of the sky and of the floor,
May you throw your celestial energies.
Unto the mild and unto the dark,
Holy Spirit, transcend into my heart.
Hear my pleas and ascend to earth,
I give you the portal to ascend to arrival.
I invoke [Deity Name].”

Being meditation and visualize energy flowing around you, coming from the circle. Envision your deity appearing, and feel their energy. As soon as you feel at peace with yourself, you may feel that your deity’s strong energies revolving around the blessed circle.

Even if the sacred divine did not answer your calls, still continue. Hold your amulet, and slowly walk around the circle, and allow the amulet. As soon as you make a whole three-hundred and sixty degrees circle, Kay that the amulet inside the ring without stepping in.
Say a simple dismissal prayer to finish the casting, such as “So more it be” or “The Moon’s End”, and blow out each candle.

You can choose to keep this circle here and use it for summonings, prayers, and rituals along with your deity, or you may take it down. Take into consideration of what your deity that is invoked would want.

If your deity chooses to reply, a sign may be revealed to you, or you may feel stronger energies in your existence. Now, you might choose if you wish to worship and setup an altar for prayer, or not.

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