Invoking Hel


Hel is the Norse goddess of death and often a sign of endings and beginings. She can be called upon for various things. The ideal time to honor her is around Samhain. This spell lets you know how to invoke her.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Black cloth
Black candle
White candle
Bread and dark wine (wine is optional)
Bones of some sort

Casting Instructions for ‘Invoking Hel’

On a flat surface, lay the black cloth out and spread it neatly. Neatly lay the bones in some orderly fashion around the edges of the cloth. Set the black candle on the left side of the fabric and the white candle on the other side. Light both of these, and spend a moment relaxing, getting calm, and clearing your mind. You may want to play some songs, drum beats, etc. to help get you in the mood for your working.

Set the bread and the wine(optional) at the center of these candles. Meditate, focusing on phoning to Hel specifically. Say Queen of darkness, Lokis daughter, hear and watch my offering as you gesture to the bread/wine. Hel, hear me now, I call for your assistance. Wait till you feel as though the offering has been accepted, then move on.

Hel can be called upon for a variety of reasons. If you are spirit-journeying you’d want to call upon her before traveling to her kingdom. But she also can be called to assist offer aid to those dead or dying, alleviate who are sickly, etc.. She can also be useful as shamans tend to call on her for information about those who’ve died, or to gain her approval so that they may commune with the dead. On the flip side, if you have issues with someone you may call upon her to solve them, bring ill to another person through injury or death, etc.. Whatever your specific purpose is, state it today.

When you are done, you might say a brief prayer or thanks to Hel. Hel Patricia Monaghan did a fantastic job of writing an example prayer: I hear you invoked daily by those ignorant of your power:Mighty Hel,Oh Hel. Thus does she survive,the forgotten goddess, never far from us,never really erased, Oh Hel,black mother,we always come back to you, always. Always. Following this is done or said, let the candles burn till they go out on their own. Youll want to make a little hole in the ground outside and pour the wine in it. Leave the bread somewhere in which animals will be able to consume it.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, it’s been helpful. Truth is, Hel is real. I have encountered her, she is beautiful like a soft shade of pink on her left chic bone, her eye gaze with focus, , her hair is dark but soft with silverght eye was dark as though it was flesh with skeleton, soft shade of pink lips and smile is calming. That is the most I remember after the encounter. She is kind to children and if she visits you it is truly an honor.


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