Make someone Fall Ill


To make someone fall sick.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Hair of the Individual to be cursed
Nail clips of the Individual to be cursed
A picture of the person to be cursed
A voodoo doll
The droppings of two hens that are different
Eagle’s feathers
Oil of neem
Needles or pins

Casting Instructions for ‘Make someone Fall Ill’

Strategy: First set up an altar where you’re going to perform the spell and cast a circle around it. Have the inner part of the circle purified with either salt water or rose water so that the spell does not backfire and you wind up falling sick instead! Once the circle has been cast, light a little fire at the center of the altar and set up a pot above the fire. Fill the kettle with water. Now prepare the voodoo doll with the personalized things that you have obtained from the individual that you wish to curse. Attach the photo of the person into the dolls face. Build up all the negative energy that you have inside you and poke a needle onto the dolls body; depending which area you need to inflict illness. By way of instance, if you would like the person to suffer from stomach disease poke the needle on the dolls stomach. As soon as you’ve decided what illness you would like to inflict on the person and poked the needles in the appropriate places, keep the doll aside but well within the circle which you’ve cast. In the pot that is placed above the fire, add the remaining ingredients except the oil of neem. Pour the oil of neem over the voodoo doll and let it soak for about ten minutes. Suspend it over the pot of boiling water. When the potion above has started to boil, throw the doll into the fire and wait until the flame dies or the potion evaporates, whichever is earlier. If the fire dies out, throw away the remaining potion in a place outside your protective circle.

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