Nid Cursing


This is the verbal spell work done when creating a Nidstang (or Nordic cursing pole).

You may need the following items for this spell:

Candles (optional)
A carved nidhing pole
A tape or pin

Casting Directions for ‘Nid Cursing’

The nid curse is the verbal part of earning a nidstang. You should not do this part until you’ve already carved the nidhing pole. On the pole you need to have the name of the person(s) you wish to direct this at, as well as how they have wronged you and how you wish for the spell to effect them. Keep in mind, the nid/nidhing rod operates by upsetting the landwights around the person- be careful not to drive them away!

After youve done the carving, you’re likely to relax yourself- focusing on the person for whom you want this spell to effect. As you visualize them, begin softly chanting and coming into a meditative state. Now begin reading from the pole, and stating the things you have carved: I set this nidstand against (insert persons name), for (insert reasons) and I trust that it shall (insert results you desire)

Move in front of the rod and raise your hands slightly. This is the time when you call upon the deities you would like to help you make the curse more successful. Hel is a typical one. Heres an example of how you’d call a deity for this: I call upon Thor, to grant me his strength. Weild your hammer in my title and my defense! Be my protector and do this curse for me! . This part is optional.

When you feel you’ve done the verbal curse, prick one of your fingers and gently rub the blood against the teeth on the pole. This will wake it and set it in action. Then, simply turn it to face the desired direction and leave it for as long as you desire.

Heres an example of a nid in the Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson:

Here I put this nidstang (curse-pole), and turneth it against King Eirik and Queen Gunnhild – turneth I this against all the gnomes and small people of the land, that they might all be missing, not finding their houses, until they drive King Eirik and Queen Gunnhild out of the country.

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