Confession Circle


Do this. If you want to discover more about a friend you do this.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Big/medium sized candle (any color)
Circle of friends/trust peers

Casting Directions for ‘Confession Circle’

The circle doesnt have to be perfect. Sit comfortably around the candle, forming a circle. Make sure this is simply done with people who you wish to talk to about dark and profound things and trust already. 1 person from the circle, usually the person who chose to perform the circle, will go around and mark everyones right/left wrist with a cross using just their fingers (no real marks just gently use your finger to produce a cross). Ensure you mark the wrist for everybody.

Now everyone needs to say this:

In this confession circle, I promise to only tell the truth. I understand whatever is stated in I will not tell anyone anything that’s said in this circle and this circle will stay here. Should I release another persons confession out the circle I will accept my fate or punishment.

If you want to now ONLY TELL THE TRUTH about deep things that is usually hard to get off your chest. Things such as issues that are hard , traumatic experiences, or assault are often what people talk about but anything is fine so long as its true. Only things that are confess if you would like to, you do not have to confess.

You are not to spread it if someone confesses something. Usually you will feel an odd feeling where the mark will show or produce pain, if you do. Where that folks used to slit the wrist of the man who spread the confession of 28, the punishment of telling someone elses confessions inside the olden days. HOWEVER, I recommend you do not slit their wrist but punish them.

History of the confession circle: The confession circle shaped around the ages. People used it to generally fool into revealing themselves, another beingtargeted at witches. The confession circle was finally changed into being used to get to know each other better since people slowly stopped believing in the mystical beings. The confession circle eventually stopped being used and was forgotten over time. Individuals just trust their secrets to each other. However, today, those who use it use it to inform their peers about matters that have been sitting on their heads, such as being sexually assaulted, abused, or going through something they cant bring up.

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