Yule-tide Blot


Within this blot (ritual) you may ask Odin for his blessings during Yule.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Two red candles
A drinking horn Another vessel
A bowl
A sprig of yew, mistletoe, or pine.
Some sort of drink (mead preferably)
A hammer

Casting Instructions for ‘Yule-tide Blot’

Begin by getting mead your horn, tree sprig, and bowl and lighting the candles set up.

Grab your hammer or use your hand and make the indication of the hammer above your altar. Transfer your hand/hammer downward and then to the right and to the left. Say these words, Hamaar helga ve thetta ok hald vordh. This is to have while you are working, the area is blessed by Thor.

After that’s done say what your intention is. Say something like this, Oh Allfather Odin I ask that you bestow gifts on to me in exchange.

Pour the mead. Say chief of the Aesir, this Great Allfather, please hear me. I offer this mead as a gift of kinship to you. May you bless it today. Then make the indication of the hammer over the horn/vessel of mead.

Drink a sip from the mead and receive Odins blessing. Thank him for the gift he has given you.

Then pour of the mead. Sprinkle the altar and dip mistletoe, yew or a sprig, or pine into the mead and yourself with a bit of mead. This is to receive Odins blessing.

Take the bowl and go to the foot of a tree and pour it on the ground. Say this, Odin your blessings received, I offer you this mead as a libation. May our kinship last through my life and through the winter. Thank you Allfather.

Announce to the gods, alfs (elves), and spirits your work is completed and they are free to occupy the area once more. Also be sure to thank Thor for the security.

Your job is done!

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