Draw New Friends


This spell is cast on a charm like a ring or pendant and is worn. This spell like all others I post have been tested and for the most part do work.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 Candle (White will do)
Pendant or Ring on a chain.

Casting Directions for ‘Draw New Friends’

Light some suitable incense for the spell, after invoking whatever gods you’re attuned with. Use the incense to sage the pendant/ring to make sure it’s no energy within it. Now hold the candle and send positive energy in it. Breathe in. Then once you breathe out send that surge of energy into the candle. Do this several times till you feel that the candle radiating and pulsing with light. Once done chant: May the energy I send into my life let these positive people stay and into this candle bring people my way. Set down the candle and light it. Now take up the ring or pendant. It should be on a chain. Hold the ring/pendant tight in your hand and meditate for a minute on the idea of friends coming into your life. Now hold the string on one end so the pendant/ring is dangling in your hand, not from the series. Hold it near the fire (not to close) Slowly start to circle the candle with the ring 3 times and chant: 1, 2, 3, Draw new friends close to me. Circle the candle with the ring 3 more times and chant: 4, 6, 5, new friends to me will now be fixed. Circle the candle with chant: new friends to me, 7, 8, 9 and the ring 3 more times now be mine. Do this encircling over 9 times in total. Send a few buddy drawing energy and hold the ring/pendant in your hand when done. You might use this opportunity to ask the gods to assist as well. Set on and wear it. You may leave the candle burning or blow it out as you desire. Hit the roads and see who crosses your path. In using this spell, I’ve discovered it works. Though at all you will get is greetings, friendly smiles and people complimenting you one your clothes or something. But thats where a lot of friendships start. I have discovered this works best on bracelets and rings over talismans and amulets. You might find.

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