Obtaining a Familiar


Turns any pet into a familiar. There are 3 steps so 3 little mini spells in here to help you along

You may need the following items for this spell:

A pet(any kind)
A magick name for him/her

Casting Instructions for ‘Obtaining a Familiar’

Alright sit down with our pet facing you. They must be facing you differently this wont work. Once their facing you or your holding them(smaller small animals) put your hands in their neck and rub gently (little animals like snakes hamsters and stuff just stroke in their back) while saying this:

I ask you my fellow companion To be my familiar in the times that come May you be as powerful as a dragon And may we sing this anthem If you answer yes to my question are you going to be my familiar be?

Wait for some sign that means. (My puppy starter licking my head right after I finished) if they’ve answered yes you may go on. If nothing else under this will work without their permission. Now you should name them. This is like a Magick name. It is only used in private where no one else except you and the recognizable hear it. Nobody else except you two understand it and it’s some type of significant meaning to the both of you. Once you have chosen a name you look fit say this:

You have said yes to my question and for that I thank you Now we may enter the world of Magick together But not without a name that is suitable for you and me I will call you______! So mote it be!

Great you have chosen a name now you can move onto the next step. I chose the name Akari which means the light. And to us that fits because I consider my dog my wonder so they have said yes and you have a name. If you want to communicate with them telepathically go on. If not you are done. To speak with them state this:

Now_____we now have a name for me and you I would like to mash our minds, So that we are one. We may talk freely and shut off the connection At any point in time but your existence will always be there Right next to mine May this happen So mote it be!

Good job you may now telepathically speak with your familiar. Remember:

Never use the title where anyone besides you can hear. The familiar will help you in magick and you may draw energy out of them for specific spells. With their permission! Never draw from your familiar or do things without them giving consent. Good luck with your new companion!

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