Cat Familiar


This spell will enable you to have a cat comfortable, it important to know that this means only you can see and touch the cat.

You may need the following items for this spell:

2 Pieces of white paper
1 Black ink pen
1 Pencil
Coloring supplies

Casting Instructions for ‘Cat Familiar’

First get a bit of paper and draw your cat with a pencil, however you want it to make. Next color in your kitty with your crayons or colored pencils. Then, on the other paper write your cats information. it must include:

Breed ( List every strain if crossbreed)
Fur Color
eye color
tail length
Do this information in black ink.You can add other things after that too if you want. Then, put the papers on top of each other. Fold them hamburger style once Then hamburger style again Then draw a pentagram in BLACK ink. Then Hot Dog style Then say this with it to your chest O (name of your god/goddess), I call upon thee, Bless me with this familiar cat bound to me. For god/ goddess I think it ought to be Bast, she is the cat goddess. Do that spell for then nest while holding it to your chest and then slip it under you pillow and rest. After you have finished, you want to give your deity time to create your cat. The average wait time is about a week, but when your favorite cat is extremely intricate, you could be asked to wait longer. Also, youll be able to use telepathy with your cat the day after you complete as the spirit of your cat already exists, but your deity will need a bit more time to make the cats new body. After three days, you must start looking for your cat. This is the hardest part as your cat will be a kitten and just like a lost pet kitty, they are hard to discover. Just look for the identical cat you drew earlier but as a kitten and way more realistic. Use telepathy to call your cat to you. If you dont find your cat by another week, it will eventually find you. This familiar will already know how to protect you and other people. Your cat will never betray you, and even once you feel you dont want him or her anymore, he or she’ll be quite sad but still by your side. Remember, train your familiar well in the ways of your path, and he or she can benefit others. Only you can see it, so keep your kitty a secret.

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  1. Works. Honestly, Moosh is very happy to be in this world and he helps me when I’m feeling down. I’ll never stop loving sweet little Moosh.


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