How to go super saiyan


This will allow you to go super saiyan.

You will need the following items for this spell:

anger belief

Casting Directions for ‘how to go super saiyan’

Get pissed off. The cold-blooded murder of a friend in your plain sight is likely to provoke this.
Look down in the floor, drop your arms, and start to concentrate your rage. You’re going to need to do plenty of teeth grinding. If you start unintentionally rage-grunting you’re on the right track.
Breathe slowly while flexing. If it induces tidal shifts, lightning strikes, and FPS (floating pebble syndrom) proceed to step 4.
Are you still flexing? You’ll know if you’re able to see every vein in your body. Tilt your head back while still preserving that rigid posture. You’ll notice a hair color change, and your eyesight will seem odd. This will be the first glimpse at your Super Saiyan form. . .or perhaps an anyeurysm.
Pay no mind to the stunned spectators around you. They could attack but are usually too mesmerized by your awesomeness to find wise and attack your completely vulnerable state. As soon as you find the floor crack under your feet the fun begins!
Now that your veins are bulging into a point of breaking, yellow energy should start to envelop your body. You won’t see this as your eyes will be much back into your mind at this time. Just wait ten seconds or however long you think it’s appropriate for step 7.
Scream like a motherf*****.
Congratulations! You’re now Super Saiyan! Side effects can include berating your son, kicking ass like you never thought possible, and destruction of planets. Good luck, and let me know the results!

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