To See What Supernatural You’re


This spell is a type of a power spell, that unlocks a few (not all) of the caster’s skills, if they have any. This may work within a week, fourteen days, or maybe a month, so it takes patience!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Jar Honey Cinnamon Lime or Lemon Flower Pedals – The bigger, the better Paper Pen/Marker – pencil not recommended Rain water – or regular water Coin Something to draw blood Thread – discretionary

Casting Directions for ‘To See What Supernatural You’re’

This spell was newly made, so I suggest charging the spell with your own energy to make it work better. Otherwise, this spell may only be futile.


Meditate to an hour for about ten minutes. You can meditate however long you want. Just ensure that you concentrate and focus on your energy.

Set the jar in front of you as you sit cross-legged (or however you feel comfortable). Pour water into the jar. Its best to use rain water. If you don’t need to wait until it rains, do a rain spell. If you want a really good rain spell, just mail me.

You need just enough water to fill the bottom of the jar. If you do not want to wait for rain, use regular water, however I do not recommend this. As you are pouring the water gradually into the jar, chant the following three times:

Cleanse me whole,
Cleanse me deep,
Take my energy,
Three times three.

Now, cut a lemon or lime and leave it on the side for later use. While adding a drop of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a half or whole of lime or lemon, chant the following two times:

Earth grown herbs,
A witches brew,
Your energy makes my fantasies come true.

Now, add the flower pedals and chant the term above one more time. Now, put your mouth to the jar and then chant the following three times:

Breath of life, breath of soul,
Speak the truth, dig a hole,
Bury the lies,
As it dies,
Hide it away,
Gone for today.

Take a piece of paper and write the following:

Your Name

Date of birth

What type of supernatural am I?

Current date

Add a drop of blood and chant three times:

Raidient fire, burning deep,
Lght the path, I shall seek.

Flip the paper. Place the coin in the center of the paper and fold the paper over the coin. the words you wrote and the blood should be facing outwards. You can tie a ribbon around it to keep it together, however this is optional. If the paper and coin falls apart, dont worry.

As you drop the coin and paper together from the jar, chant three times:

Wishing well, can you tell,
My soul so strong,
My soul so deep,
Show me the truth,
Three times three.

Place the jar somewhere dark, for example, under your mattress. If you start having bad luck, rinse the jar and its contents out instantly.

If you begin feeling stronger, with more energy, or start noticing skills, then let the jar be. Once the energy and power wares off, or when you dont want the spell to keep on working, rinse the jar and its contents out. Good luck.

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