Vampire energy drain


This is a Psychic Vampire Energy draining spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

hand energy manipulation

Casting Instructions for ‘psychic vampire energy drain’

Find a object, look at its aura by appearing by the item with peripheral vision, after taking a look at the thing for a while you will start to see colours, this is the aura, if the plant or object appears to have any of the following colors: blue, gold, white then it means it’s a good energy from it and it means it’s OK to drain the energy from it, then you put out your hand and feel a strong of energy come from the object and enter your hand, and feel the energy enter your hand and keep on flowing from the object in your hand, feel the energy come as if the energy chain is continuing to be pulled into your hands and feel it enter your hand muscles. In case you’ve done this correctly you should feel full of energy and life, and you should feel good as well. Another exercise you can do is put out your hands and push your aura from your hand and arm out towards the object and then feel the series of energy coming within your hand and being pulled into your hand, continue to pull the energy string in your hand, then once you are finished feeding off of an object bring back your air to your arm and hand and you should be good. Remember do not drain energy out of a person, it’s better just to drain energy out of objects, if you do attempt draining energy from a person then ask a psychic vamp to teach you how much or how less you drain, because they know what is too much and too little. And remember not to drain the life completely out of a person it will have bad consequences for both you and that person. If I would drain from a person I’d only drain one minute maybe 2 minutes tops for their security and mine as well.

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