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You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘UNDERSTAND MAGICKL ENERGY’

Energy is the most inportant thing in magick alang with the mind
There are differant kinds of energy such as,kie,tie chi,spi,dark energy,first I willl describe tie chi. Meditation is a fuson of brain stat and powerand it is extremely relxeing to make chi work there is two energyy you need to obsorb posertive electricity and negative.
Whenever these are fused together they could severely hurt someone or kill them or it can be utilised in defens to ceep enermys from you.now I will explain kie kie is a form of medatation by useing medatation you withdraw kie from the atmosphere.
Now this can be turned into a solid brick or a blaze of fire a buble for safty but this can also be dangourouse becau you kie fusing with someone elses may cuas heart failure jolt comer and more.next I will clarify spi,spi is alot like kieit is kind with medatation but it is easyer to turn into fire but you carnt make sound you can until shield yourself from only about enything bt the further force against it the stronger you will become I would say spi is more poular then kie in spells but you probably use it wile sleeping orday dreaming.next is dark energies this energy is manilt used for injury or pain dark energy well have you ever walked into a dark room thats cold but non of the otheres are but you just think its a draft well thats dark energythat could be harnest like spi or kie but this provides a more painful death if you use it wrong

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