Herbal Sleep Aid


Similar to a Zen garden, this charm will explain how to create a sleep aid soil kettle, using a little pot with soil.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 Candles (God and Goddess) A small clay pot full of healthy soil, small enough to fit in your hand. Altar Pentacle Wand Herb – Rosemary Herb – Mugwort Herb – Lavender Herb – Blessed Thistle 4 Juniper Berries 1 Sodalite stone Very Corse Sea Salt

Casting Directions for ‘Herbal Sleep Aid’

This is a herbal combination I made to help me sleep and help with nightmares and peace of mind. Lets go over the ingredients:

Rosemary has magickal properties to eliminate negative energies and healing and antinightmare.
Mugwort is good with fantasies, providing you with pyschic or prophetic dreams.
Lavender is a known sleep aid and helps with relaxation, also aids with depression
Blessed Thistle is a fantastic purification herb, and banishes bad energies and spirits and shields.
Juniper berries provide great health
Sea salt is a purifier.
And the Sodalite stone helps with inner peace and meditation

-First, take the small pot. The one that I used is about six inches wide and three inches tall. Its quite small and clay. Fill up the pot with good soil and put it on the altar Pentacle. Light the candles and cast the circle, invoke also.

-Take the coarse sea salt and hold it in your hand, imagine it glowing with pure, postive energies and place some of the huge chucks around the interior edge of the pot, in the soil. Put around the inside edges in a circle form.

– Take the Rosemary and cleansing it, saying:

“I ask that this herb, Rosemary will get rid of nightmares and bad energies.”

Put a small pile of rosemary at the center but enough that you can get the scent.

-Take the mugwort today and cleanse it, stating:

“I request this herb, Mugwort, would bring me the facts within my fantasies and open my eyes.”

Place some on top of the rosemary.

-Now, take the blessed thistle and cleanse it as well, saying:

“I request that this herb, thistle, will bring me protection and purification.”

Put that on top of the other herbs.

– Now that Lavender,

“I request this herb, Lavender, would bring me peaceful sleep and comfort.”

Put a bigger amount on top of the herbs, so you can get the strongest scent of the lavender.

-Take the 4 berries and purify them and say:

“I ask these berries to bring me good health and energies.”

Put the four berries on top of the heap, like this:

0 0

– Then take the stone and bless it, stating:

“I ask that this stone would bring me calm, inner peace.”

-Set the stone between the four berries and wave your wand over the pot, saying:

“Bring me peace, bring me sleep
Banish all poor, only goood keep
Thankful to the herbs, the rock and the deities
Hear my plea and bring me calm sleep.”

-Place the pot by your bed and before you go to sleep inhale the scent of the herbs and touch the stone for a minute to relax yourself. Do this as often as you like.

Hope this helps

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