Want to ground and draw up energy? This will inform you.

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Casting Instructions for ‘Grounding’

The Earth is one of our best sources of energy. Since it is alive, it radiates energy all of the time. It can also store and neutralize energy. When you pick up negative energy it is possible to return the excess energy back to the earth. This is what grounding is. Is is based around the main chakra essentially whenever you feel disoriented, fearful, dizzy, lightheaded, sometimes nauseous etc. more than likely you’re ungrounded.
During these times as the energy is expanding and changing, awakening our consciousness it’s extremely important to ground. Its easy to have our heads in the clouds but we must remember to connect back to earth so we dont feel like were straddling different worlds all day long.
A lot of people like to earth after trying conditions, like bad work meetings, road rage, etc.. By grounding , we also connect to mother earth, our divine teacher of light that carries eternal energy out of her being. Dont worry about sending negative energy into the ground, because the earth can neutralize it and manifest it in other ways. Whenever you are working with energy through meditation, pathworking, visualization, reiki, etc.. It is essential to ground.
There are many ways to ground, a simple one is just to visualize that you’re becoming a tree, deep within the earth. You veins are tree roots extending into your feet, your hands branch out like the leaves, and you feel that your feet pushing into the floor deep inside the core of the holy tree of life. Go deeper into the earth and feel her, feel the energy of her heart. We joke about this one but seriously it really functions Be the Treeeee
If thats too weird and profound for you, try the Taproot. Sit comfortably and relax. Take a few deep breaths, once you are calm and relaxed. Imagine that there’s a thick gold, glowing taproot that extends from the bottom of the spine all the way down to the middle of the earth.
It’s vibrant, and it draws its energy from the molten core. See it and feel it in your head as strongly as you can. Know that it connects you to the ground, The mother goddess and web of life.
When you can see the taproot in your minds eye and you understand its reality within you, gently draw warm energy up from the ground through it. Feel and/or see the energy flow up the taproot to the base of your spine. Imagine that the energy branches in the the top of the taproot and some of it flows down each leg and each foot.
Feel the energy moving gently into your feed and legs. Then imagine that the energy runs from the taproot all the way up your spine. Feel the energy move gently up your backbone. The imagine that the energy splits from the surface of the spine and runs down each arm and into your arms and into your hands, finally envision the power moves from the top of your spine to your crown, feel your entire body glowing and vibrating with earth energy. Know that you are on the ground and the web of all life together as one.
Then it is possible to visualize pushing out the excess energy out of your body and down into your taproot and from there to the ground. Feel it leave your body. You wont be drained as you are not getting rid of your energy only the negative/excess kind that has stirred your aura.

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