Insouciant/mermaid spell


This is a true mermaid spell if ur brave or just really wanna become a mermaid!!!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Be wet! Charm

Casting Instructions for ‘Insouciant/mermaid spell’

There are a great deal of spells and potions and rituals out there and I’ve done my share of research. But is the Insouciant spell. I’ve heard it’s effective but I am too scared to try it because it includes a long list of unappealing side effects such as nausea, fatigue, difficulty breathing, coughing fits, appetite , mood swings, salt cravings, and headaches. If you are brave enough (or desperately want to become a mermaid) to try this spell here it is:
(say the spell ten times)
Insouciant inclemency
Redoubtable mediocracy
Refutable humanity
Make me what I Want to be
A mermaid
Witches* one, witches* all
Give this power to me

In-soo-see-ent in-klem-en-see
Re-dow-ta-bull mee-dee-o-kra-see
Re-few-ta-bull hew-man-i-tee

Make me what I wish to be
A mermaid
Witches* one
Give this power to me

Due to the Spell (this is a word for word translation so it might not make sense):
Carefree severe
Formidable ruled by mediocrity
Proven false humankind

Make me what I wish to be
A mermaid
Witches* one, witches* all
Give this power to me

*you don’t need to be a witch for this spell to work

When reciting the spell some part of you has to be touching water otherwise something really bad will happen.
You need to be a believer for this spell to work.
You have to be wearing something that’s special for you (necklace, earrings, necklace) this will become your emblem. You need to wear your symbol whilst reciting the spell and you can’t take it off for over two hours at a time for the rest of your life.
It takes a month to be a mermaid.
After casting the spell don’t look at the moon. Apparently the moon will take control of you much like in h2o.
There are some good side effects too, like prolonged lung capacity and the ability to sing really well.
Not everyone is effected by side effects but this is a rare exception and you also may not have done the spell right. Some women experience other strange side effects like ” I had been about to escape the shower I felt like I was gonna fall”.

Hope you do not go through too much distress and I hope it is all worthwhile in the long run!

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2 thoughts on “Insouciant/mermaid spell”

  1. So I did this spell in middle school (almost a decade ago) and maybe I didn’t put enough belief in it, or maybe my intention was tainted? But not only have I NOT turned into a mermaid, but I’ve noticed some pretty gnarly side effects (<and not in a good way) from what I can only assume to be This spell. My molars get sharp enough to cut my tongue; I seasonally shed my skin all over (not like a snake, but it's peely and gross for about a month, both around mid-autumn and in early spring); I get hungry whenever I see red meat; I can see better in the dark than the rest of my family, have more sensitive hearing, and I now have sensitive skin so I'm more prone to rashes and allergic reactions; I'm VERY sensitive to heat, and I notice my eyes are more sensitive to light than most people's (and take longer to adjust and stop hurting when I come out into sunlight); and although I did have asthma before, now I can't breathe well when I'm swimming because the water pressure is too great for my lungs to inflate (so it feels like I'm always short of breath whenever I'm swimming).
    Now, SOME of these things may just be natural. But, I feel that my senses being sharpened, and the seasonal shedding, are not. Whenever I shed into my "winter skin," I notice that I'm less cold than I normally am in colder weather. (<And I'm a small-boned person with anemia running in my family, so it's VERY ODD that I don't get as cold as the rest of my family Only AFTER I've shed.)

    Back when I first noticed these things, I researched the spell as best as I could, and there was a rumor going around that this spell was actually a CURSE. But I couldn't find out what it actually did.
    Now that I'm researching it again (I'm in college now), this "language" that the spell is "translated from" is ACTUALLY ENGLISH:
    "insouciant" means an indifference towards something,
    "inclement" is unpleasant weather, usually cold and/or wet;
    "redoubt" is a temporary fortification used in the military,
    "mediocre" is something that isn't that good. (a.k.a. "Just O.K.");
    and to "refute" something means to argue against it, or to revoke it;

    So what I've pieced together what the first part of the spell to mean is: "I am indifferent to bad weather, but I do not have a good (natural) fortification to it. So I don't want to be human anymore." <Instead make me a mermaid, (yadda yadda in plain English).

    This doesn't make much sense as a mermaid spell, but now that I'm researching it, the spell DID do to me WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO DO..! It made me less vulnerable to the cold. Now, I'm not going to go breathe water to test if I'm a mermaid or not,
    But, I don't have a tail or fins anyway, so it wouldn't matter if I Am a mermaid or not. (But I DO get dizzy when I stand in the shower for too long. <But that must be because I have a high metabolism anyway, so not eating before long showers, or not breathing as much as I would in normal air might be the cause of that.)

    My POINT is that: whoever made this spell had it work for them, because it's THEIRS. When you make a spell, you spend time perfecting the words and creating something that CANNOT BE MISINTERPRETED. Because they put time and effort and belief into this spell, and had a clear vision of WhaT their version of a mermaid was, it definitely worked! BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL WORK FOR YOU or me.

    I will try to post this comment around to make sure my story gets out there, but pLEASE, do your research. Magic isn't just about following a recipe to make the impossible happen, it's about using YOUR faith and willpower to manifest something into reality. You pray until the universe finds a path to bring you what you want. It's about clear intentions, mindfulness, and BEING PERSONAL with your craft and your way of doing things. It's fine to get help when you're just starting out, but Witchcraft is about acquiring knowledge. "Occult" literally means "hidden knowledge." You must do your research, and use what YOU have, (that has sentimental value to YOU <<That's why you need a sentimental necklace for this spell!), in order to do that.
    So be safe, be careful, cleanse often, and protect yourselves. It's IMPORTANT.


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