Sleep One


This is a spell to be done just before you go to bed.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Lavender or lavender oil

Casting Directions for ‘Sleep One’

In your ritual space, or under the night skies, charge the candle with your intention of restful sleep and dress the candle with the oil. (Rub oil on your temples for added relaxation). Take a deep breath and lift your gaze at the beauty of the night skies. Note how calm the sky is. Raise your arms in honor and call to the goddess of Night and the god of dreams and sleep: Beauteous goddess, Eternal Among starry heaven, glorious lady, you who beholds the hours when sleep is due and dreams take wing. Hold me in your warm embrace as I journey through the veil of dreams. Grant me a deep and peaceful sleep that I may dream of the worlds hidden. Beautiful god, glorious and powerful lord of the gates of dreams, Handsome winged lord that provides dreams to mankind. Lord and lady I ask this of thee Help me sleep, help me sleep well, help me break, undisturbed. Ward away dreams from my mind And if they should come my way, turn them into dreams of fun, light and fancy. I’ve lost too many hours of sleep. No more! No more. Good dreams now be mine! Please help me, my lord, my lady. Place your hands around the candle, a hand on each side. Imagine beams of light radiating from the candle, threading through your finger and up your body, rooting you firmly to the ground. But at the same time, imagine your mind getting free from your body, drifting off and leaving your body. Closing your eyes, recite these words ten times. Sleep free me, Dreams take me, Dull my perceptions, allow me to sleep, All night long. Blow out the candle and allow your breath to guide you into a deep and restful sleep.

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