Hellfire (Lucifers’ Echoes)


Hellfire is one of the easiest arcane forces to use, and undoubtedly the most dangerous. Prepare thyself for the Powers on High to stand against thee, Warlock.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Sugar Oak bark Pebbles 30 silver coins (or silver-looking) Mindless Absence of fear

Casting Directions for ‘Hellfire (Lucifers’ Echoes)’

Create a circle of sugar. At even spaces around the inside of it, set the coins, and between every coin place some oak bark. Close the ring, allowing the are inside to become saturated with yours and your surroundings’. A sacrifice. Speak these words, thrice to be repeated:
“Patefacio janua advertisement Infernum
Belial, without yoke,
Open, and let me Enter!
Let my sacrifice Enter,
And call forth the Thirty Fallen
Palms Crossed by Silver, I call Them!
Usiel, Strength of God
Salamiel, Prince of the Grigori
Adirael, Magnificence of God
Lahash, Whispering
Imamiah, guardian of voyages
Arakiel, Earth of God
Magog, of Gog
Urakabarameel, Leader of Individuals Who Fell
Naromiel, of Discipline
Tarfiel, God Nourishes
Orifiel, Angel of the Wilderness
Lahatiel, Flaming One
Abaddon, to Destroy
Allocen, a Duke in Hell
Asmoday, a King
Azazel, God Strengthens
Asmodeus, Archdemon
Baal, Lord
Malpas, the Crow
Each to Their Denarii
To give Power
And knowledge.
Lords and Ladies
I seek Hellfire,
The Power you wield
To be held to my Will.
So mote it be.” Close your eyes and believe. The Gate has been opened and the magical energy will pass through. If it is sufficient, then the Thirty who lured Judas will come forth and take custom in one coin each. When you feel weak, turn thrice on the spot and open your eyes. Pick up the first coin you find and talk the Name of One of the Thirty, the first which appears in your mind. You’re holding the physical body of that Angel. Take care not to touch the others, as you will put them in a small pouch and hide them in your friends persons, so they too become impregnated with the awful power which you now possess. You have gained Hellfire, the power to destroy and walk immortal, to Kill and walk living from their shouts, for the comparatively low cost of your immortal self.

Avaunt thee, Creature of Hell, Servant of Satan!
For all of your power, I’ve more still!
Begone from this place lest I curse thy blood with Death,
And thine enchantments be as wax, no longer!

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