Half Demon Spell


This is the only spell known by Demon and half demon kind alike that can convert a person or other creature (Works better on people but may work) into a half demon in the period of time of a day.

You will need the following items for this spell:

(Voice and concentration) Must be at night and various moons mean different things Full moon: The most powerful kind of half demon can astro travel Waxing Moon: Weaker Half demon and the kind that cant astro travel. Waning Moon: weakest type of half Demon near no electricity and little strength. New Moon: the marginally below equal of a full moon just minus the harder skills.

Casting Instructions for ‘Half Demon Spell’

(NOTE) This can cause different amounts of pain on each moon.
NewMoon will hurt reasonably high
WaningMoon will hurt nearly none
Fullmoon will hurt the most
Waxing will hurt moderately
Now that you know that we can get started of the spell

Deep in my heart,I give the desire to improve the inside of me to when I suddenly change myself into the devilish creature that will suddenly come to me,leaping,running,beating will shortly to become more of an advantage! Give me the power of a demon that will change my life forever, give me the ability to transform into this halfway, make me half demon and create me a better spirit.

Side effects tempory for 1 day
Stomach aches,headaches,bones hurting,breathing heavy,strength,better at physical activities,eye color shifting, urges to be outside, angry more,ect
This will now allow you to be a class 1 low level demon, with practice and teaching you’ll be able to level up transformations and such and become a whole badass.

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  1. how do you tell if the spell worked would eye colers change diffrint color ? and would i grow demon horns! would i grow devil wings ! would i get serouslly get by moon light would i become fire profe to

    • im immortal god but i dont realy have eny powers and im trying to do this spell and does this spell work and will it give me powers and stuff like that
      oh yeah im 100% a son of satan i am not half satan + im satan’s faverite son
      and i can comunicate with him so you dont want make me mad


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