Become HALF Demon!


This charm is irreversible. . and VERY dangerous

You will need the following items for this spell:

-Sharp object
-Silver Bowl

Casting Directions for ‘Become HALF Demon!’

Be carefull, if you do not feel whole hearted about this then it will NOT work

1. Call upon a demon for a wittness of your joining chant:
– I call upon a demon to be sent up from hell, make them a wittness of this irreversable spell.
If a demon doesn’t appear this can mean that it has not worked or the demons aren’t accepting your invitations or your soul ISN’T black enough to combine the demon ways. However if the demon does appear then chant to it:
I’ve made my mind up, I will never go back, make me a demon, turn my heart black.

2. Then the demon should present its approval by nodding then use the sharp thing to draw blood from your arm, then put in the bowl and allow he demon to “bless it” then when it has completed it should dip its finger in the blood and print it upon your own forehead. This symbolizes that you’re now part demon it will provide you a new name also, this will be called your demon name. Depending on your status you may be able to astro-travel in and out of hell, you cannot go there with your body as you are only part demon.

This spell is irreversible and could have some devastating effect, the demons will make sure to use you as an advantage and force you to do errands which could be dangerous and may potentially involve hurting some-one or even killing also depending upon your status at the demon realm. You will likely be asked to prove your loyalty by doing one of these errands. BE WARNED THIS SPELL IS NOT A JOKE AND ONCE DONE IT CAN NOT BE UNDONE.

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21 thoughts on “Become HALF Demon!”

    • Hm…. This is… Obviously fake, I mean, everything has a catch, and blood? Why? I mean, hey, you profit off this atuff, and I can’t say I’m not impressed, but seriously, this is not fake in all caps? The email? Seriously, its fake.

  1. hey i tried it and it work. NOW I CAN GET REVENGE ON SOMEONE sorry that wasnt me as i said thx alot for the spell as you can see my half demon came out and typed that soo yuhh : ))

  2. i really want this demon spell to work but idk if im cold hearted or not but im gonna do the spell i tried to do stuff like this many times but im counting on this


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