Increase your Magical Ability


IMPORTANT: this spell isn’t about magical powers – it is about magical ability and it will help you with creating and performing spells and nothing else. While you need all of the requirements, total belief, focus and visualization are crucial to this spell and all others. Do not allow uncertainty to take over your mind while you do the spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

For someone with equivalent or higher magical ability to cast their OWN spell for you an aura-cleansing place (see spell for details) belief

Casting Directions for ‘Boost your Magical Ability’

2. Find an air – cleansing place. This is a pure place without any other people. It might be in the middle of a lake. A clearing in the woods. whatever suits you.
3. You need a spot that’s exactly 3 feet or more away from everything else except the floor. So no big rocks or logs or animal skulls in that region. Stand there with your eyes shut. Slowly begin to relax yourself, but by bit. Relax your shoulders, hands, legs, face etc. your spine should be straight, however, like it’s holding up the rest of your limp body. You ought to have good posture and your neck shouldn’t be loose. Eyes closed, visualize and feel a warm glow on your torso. Do so until you can see and feel it clearly. then imagine it spreading through the rest of you. Keep the sensation in your system. You shouldn’t lose it when you stop focusing on it.
4. Feel gravity draining out of you. slowly, feel yourself levitate. Do not rush, take your time. You must feel as if you’re really levitating. Perhaps you are! But keep your eyes closed or the spell will be ruined. Wait until the floating atmosphere stops on its own. Recite the following (it’s best to not do it as a prayer to your God but if you can not avoid it or it feels wrong not to, proceed):

bring me up
Let me rise

in harmony
in ancient works
in binding truths

permitte mihi ascendendum
ascendam igitur, et in tantum
ascendam ad astra

5. For the rest of the day, relax. Try to avoid new and exciting things.

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