Light Body Meditation


All the actions to do a light body meditation.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Light Body Meditation’

The first place you must focus on is the thymus gland area by visualizing a purple blue light: just like a candle flame on the upper torso below the throat area and above the heart chakra area in the center of your body. The purple blue flame should be visualized right there and that it is the size of a candle flame as soon as you do it for 20 minutes. Then on the last ten minutes you should extend the purple blue flame of your soul chair through your creativity to approximately 12 feet around you engulfing everything, during this stage you will feel warmth in that area as well as power full. OK. For you must do this thirty minutes daily .
The second area of focus is to concentrate at the point or area between the eye brows where there lies a third eye or sixth chakra. This chakra related to the hyper thymus gland, therefore visualize a little golden light the size of your thumb there for ten minutes

Then the third area to visualize is in the middle of your head or brain. Just visualize a golden sunshine there and how big the golden sun is the size of a ping pongee ball and do it for ten minutes. After the ten minutes please envision the golden sun is growing full size of your mind and filling your mind and shining outwards for about ten more minutes. Then visualize the gold energy as a gold water spout, springing out from your mind through the crown chakras, like water from the water fountain and move up in the air about two feet or three feet and then with your minds eye again seeing the gold water coming back down and hit, wetting and soaking your entire body, clothes, aura and organs, skins etc.. In this golden energy of water bath and showers will create the light body and bringing back or activate your two helix DNA strand in to a twelve helix DNA (light body type ) and all your 72,000 psychic channels or chakras, both major and minor will be open and fully developed.
The fourth step is that of the wingmaker and the way that we do this is by focusing on the core star at the centre of the body between the second and third chakras on the body so in your time envision the there’s a bright white light at your centre and feel at one
With the world around the cosmos and you.

Now in your own time sense the core star and visualize that the fundamental star is turning at your center and see that light energy spreading out through the body and mixing with each atom, cell, and particle of your bodily presence and feel that light energy moving out into the auric layers of your own existence. Don’t forget to feel at one with everything living.

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